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Are you ready for 2018 1st Aprils minimum wage increase?

If you don't already know then here are the rate increases,

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Easter Sale!!!

Need more people in your business? just want the right CV's in front of you as you can do the rest? Read on.....

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Celebrating 7 years with a smile and a tear

So on Friday 22nd September (This Friday) we celebrate 7 years in business at CM Recruitment Ltd and what a journey it has been so far.....

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Advertise through CM Recruitment Ltd

Put your hand up if the company you are in will have any changes in the second part of 2017?

Put your hand up if you think it may be staff changes?

Put your hand up if you are capable of doing your own interviewing but would like to get your advert in front of the right people?

How would it make you feel to know that at CM Recruitment Ltd we offer a part recruitment service where we will help you write your advert and then post if for you on various job boards, social media and our own website!!

How good would it be that we put it under our name so that you don’t get lots of calls?

How good would you feel if you knew we could put a few questions out there to help filter the right people applying?

And how great would it be if you knew that we monitor the advert so we can tweak it to make sure you get the best response possible!!

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Recruitment agency's are a nightmare!!

Wouldn't it be nice to find a recruitment agency that actually does what they say and not only that, also tells you the tricks that recruitment agencies pull so that you don't fall for them?

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1 in 5 Blog Candidates

FACT: One in 5 people in Yorkshire will be looking for a new job this year

This week is the main week of the year for people looking for a new job

What does this mean?

It means that if you are looking for work then you really need to stand out?

Your CV is the first impression you give to an employer so it has to be right.

Imagine you are in a book store and you have 4 autobiographies in front of you with 4 celebs that you love.

Which do you choose? How do you choose?

You open the front cover and look at the first page to see what the introduction says and if it interests you.The one that sounds more exciting, informative even a good read.

The first page of your CV is your introduction and it needs to be the one that stands out from the rest.

The main 4 things a company is interested in:

  1. Can you make them money
  2. Save them money
  3. Enhance their company reputation
  4. Save them time

You need to show you have done one or more of these things in your previous role/roles on the first page of your CV.

At CM Recruitment Ltd we can help you stand out from the crowd with our CV writing service.

You pay £75 and we write you a CV that is priceless!!

Call us now before it’s too late!!0113 887 3786

Listen out for us on Heart FM this week talking about this very important time of the year.

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