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Auto Enrolement

You may have seen adverts or articles in recent months about employers offering pension schemes to their employees. This new legislation will affect everyone, whether you are an employer or an employee, so how does this impact on you?

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Dressing For An Interview

It’s amazing how many people get it wrong when dressing for an interview. Just because you are going for a job where staff wear casual clothes does not mean that you to should wear casual clothes when being interviewed.

Be careful when wearing a designer suit or having a designer bag as this can put many interviewers off. Crazy I know but true.

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How not to get fired at the office party

Ok, so it’s coming up to that time of year, when the office party season is looming and we are getting excited about who will wear what outfit and if Jim from the post room really is going out with Julie from accounts!

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Waiting In Reception

Ok, you have found the place, you are dressed professionally, and you have perfected the perfect handshake.. Now what?? Let’s backtrack a little to waiting in reception for your interviewer.

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Top Interview Tip: Do Your Homework

When you are attending an Interview, make sure you check out the company website and look at the 'News' section. By doing this you can enter into discussions about new projects, awards etc, that the company are involved in.

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Sponsor: Carl Cheetham's Fundraising Efforts

Chrissie Metcalfe Recruitment are proud to sponsor Carl Cheetham's fundraising efforts for terminally ill children. Carl will be entering the boxing ring as part of the Rugby League Rumble 6 (3 x 2 minute boxing rounds) wearing shorts and glovers sponsored by Chrissie Metcalfe Recruitment.

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