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How not to get fired at the office party

Ok, so it’s coming up to that time of year, when the office party season is looming and we are getting excited about who will wear what outfit and if Jim from the post room really is going out with Julie from accounts!

Office Xmas party season is not only the time when Bob from security starts to eye up all the women in the office to see who he can guarantee having a snog with under the mistletoe with, but it’s also a time when we drink too much and often say or do the wrong thing, which can lead to embarrassment and even being fired.

So with this in mind read the following tips to allow you to hold your head up and make sure you are not the topic of conversation in the aftermath of the Office knees up.

1. Party clothes

When organising your Xmas party outfit make sure you wear something that looks good without a danger element to it. What I mean by this is if you go for a low cut/strapless or daring top/dress them please make sure, you are strapped in, taped in, stapled in, in fact whatever makes the top stable enough to stop the moment when your fuelled with drink and doing your best Beyoncé impression on the dance floor and your boob pops out!!!!!

2. Drinking

Yes I know that drinking is a given at any party but the office Xmas party is a difference scenario. Take your time when drinking alcohol and make sure that you have a soft drink in-between each alcoholic one. Also make sure you eat something before you start to drink. The last thing you want is to be caught on camera or even worse by your boss, on your knees being sick in the toilets or even worse, be sick ON your boss’s best Prada shirt!!!!!

3. Declaring your undying love

Yes we know you fancy your boss, but telling him at the Xmas party is an absolute NO NO! A drink fuelled “I wuv yew” is not the best was to impress him and can you imagine facing him the next day in the office when he is trying to talk about your word? No the best idea.

Also be careful if your boss is drunk as one thing can lead to another and that’s the last thing you want when you think you are invisible when disappearing with him in a black cab, only to find out that you are the topic of conversation for the next 3 months in the office!!! Your boss may then do anything to transfer you to another department or get rid of you rather that deal with facing you each day.

Not only that, but declaring your undying love when your eyes are red, your breath stinks of booze and your swinging around the neck of your victim isn’t cool or classy.

4. Standing your ground

We all have one in the office, Veronica the office bitch, Paul the office snitch or even Andrea the office model. Deal with it!!!! The office Xmas party is not the time to decide to tell Paul how much you hate him and that everyone in the whole company wants him to leave. Or tell Andrea, how much you think she fancies herself and in fact she is a big fat dog!!!!!!. It may feel great at the time getting a years’ worth or frustration out on these colleagues but how good are you going to feel the next day when you are stood in front of HR being disciplined for your actions?

So in summary, go to your office party, look amazing have a few drinks a boogie and a laugh, just remember you are still on work time, you’re still representing yourself the whole time. A little boring I hear you stay, but if you want to go against all if the above then save that for the part with your mates.


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