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Waiting In Reception

Ok, you have found the place, you are dressed professionally, and you have perfected the perfect handshake.. Now what?? Let’s backtrack a little to waiting in reception for your interviewer.

Firstly, (before you meet your interviewer) when you are sat in reception, if the receptionist is not too busy, creating a bit of chit chat with him or her is a great way of calming your nerves as well as creating a relationship with a very influential person. This may sound crazy but the amount of receptionists that will make comments on people coming in for an interview to the interviewer is huge.

You want him or her to be on your side and not saying " Well she was rude" or "He was a bit off hand" or even "She spend the whole time texting whilst she was waiting for you"... Not great.

Wouldn't it be better for the receptionist to make comments such as "awww she was so nice" or "What a nice guy he was, really friendly. I hope he gets the job". Perfect.

I know not all receptionists will chat back to you; some may just be way to busy. If this is the case, then as long as you are well mannered and not sat in reception playing or texting on your phone then you will create a good image of you as a person.

Some companies may not have a receptionist, so whoever greets you before your interview is the person you need to impress.

Next time.... The long walk to the board room, and how to make that time count.

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