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4 years WOW!

So as I sit here at my PC. I have goose bumps thinking of what I have achieved.

4 years ago, I had lost everything, and when I say everything I mean money, job, husband, house the lot.

What I still had was over 8 years recruitment knowledge, fantastic parents and some amazing friends.

Oh and my stubborn streak....

In the 4 years I have

  • Lost friends who really didn't understand my situation and how hard it is to go it alone, (not just in business but in life)
  • Lived on toast and cigs
  • Be scammed by people I though I could trust
  • Had sleepiness nights through people paying late, (how was I going to pay my bills)
  • Stressed about paying my suppliers when invoices where paid late
  • Started a court case for a company that owes me money
  • Been so scared of losing it all over again
  • Worried that I just wasn't clever enough to run a business

But hey I have also

  • Made fantastic new friends that really 'get me'
  • Won business awards
  • Learned more than I could ever imagine from people, seminars and networking events
  • Gained huge respect from people I look up too
  • Increased my business turn over by 126.7% and profit by 100%
  • Taken on people to work for me.
  • Have a lovely house
  • Bought a new car
  • Have a great social life
  • Gained enough confidence to speak at seminars and networking events
  • Helped over 100 businesses grow
  • Opened doors for 100's of people for new jobs
  • Been on holiday

Wow I could go on,

I met someone on Wednesday who told me that only 4 in 100 businesses make a profit in year 4.  So I guess that means I should be proud. I should look around the office and smile and maybe I should take time off every now and then ha ha .

I love my job, I love my family and friends, I love what I have achieved in 4 years and really can't wait to see how much my business has grown in another year.

What do I put all this success down too (even with the big knocks along the way)?

I am a stubborn cow who will Never!!! be beaten, end of...ha ha ha

Enjoy your journey, its a great one if you want it to be....

Much love



Michelle Poole, 26 September 2014 01:06 PM:

Awesome - it's a tough, uphill struggle - but someone's got to do it - and you have done it fabulously.

Louise from Local-eyes, 26 September 2014 01:11 PM:

Nobody deserves success more than you. Lovely person with a lovely heart. Congratulations. Enjoy your success, and treat yourself to a bit of time off xx

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