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Your Very Own Dedicated Recruiter

All the benefits of your own dedicated recruiter at a fraction of the cost

I just want to help people get the recruitment process right.

I know there are people that feel confident in bits of it or even the majority of it but what happens on those days when you have that little niggle? When you have questions such as:

  • Did I do that right?
  • What are my options?
  • Can I do that?
  • Can I ask that?
  • What must I do by law?
  • What could I do if I really wanted that person?
  • What records do I need?
  • What questions can I legally ask?
  • What do I do now?

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to just email someone, or pick up the phone and get that question answered?

Imagine the confidence you would feel going into a situation fully prepared?

What a comfort that you could have knowing you have someone to call upon who knows the answers?

Why take hours mulling it over, or researching it, when you can just ask an expert?

That’s what I thought too! So I’ve developed just that....

You can now have access to myself and my team to answer your questions so you can move forward with your recruitment – no need to actually hand it over to an Agency and get them to do it for you.

You can now be in control of your own recruitment but do it professionally – in the knowledge that you have access to the answers and it will be 100% right for you, your company and the candidate.

It’s just a small monthly payment for you to to have all our knowledge at your finger-tips.

Just £80 +VAT per month for 12 months

Pay for 5 months and get a month free - just £400 +VAT

Pay for 9 months and get 3 free - just £720 +VAT

Here’s what you get at the tip of your fingers:

  • Job specifications
  • Where to advertise
  • How to interview professionally
  • CV sifting
  • How to telephone screen effectively
  • Learn how to benchmark candidates
  • Advice on setting up an effective recruitment process
  • Identifying what type of person your company needs to recruit
  • Advantages and disadvantages when recruiting
  • How to recruit an apprentice
  • General recruiting advice

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