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So…….. over the last 6 months I have ventured into recruiting for the events industry. You know, bar staff, waiting on staff and kitchen porters and it has opened my eyes so much.

Most people know that I started CM recruitment Ltd out of frustration from being made redundant, many times in a short period of time myself but also because I feared that the recruitment industry was about sales, numbers and ticking boxes to get a bonus rather than about people.

A consultant holds part of a person’s life in their hands and also part of an exciting business move for a company too. This seems to have been forgotten so much and I wanted to bring that back.

As a business owner and someone that has been on the floor job wise myself I have a unique mind when recruiting.

I have so much respect for a business that needs staff and just as much respect for a person needing a chance in a new job or just some money to get by when they are in uni.

I have recruited in the office based/ commercial sector for just on 14 years now and I took the care and time I use in this sector and put it into the event sector when a company asked for my help.

Amazingly I have found that the way we work with events is unique!

The shock on our clients faces when we tell them we interview people face to face, even if it’s just for one 4 hour shift. The shock at how we attend an event to see how it is run and the bewilderment when we tell them we will go on the induction ourselves to see what experience is needed so we can match the right people to the right event. The biggest jaw dropping moment is when we say how we deal with the timesheets which takes all the stress away from the manager running the event!.

I find this very sad that the care and consideration myself and Helen have is an unusual thing but on the other side I love it that we stand out.

When you get a text to say “your staff are incredible” and then find out that we have been give the contract over a huge high street agency because we did a better job!.

Then the staff that have worked though us stay over an hour longer than first asked and say “you don’t have to pay us for that time, we loved it”

Myself and Helen can’t stop smiling!!!

I guess what I am trying to say is, don’t dismiss us little recruitment agencies, we really do care and more than anything get such a buzz when everyone is happy.

Give us a call, I think you need us….

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