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January offer

Put your hand up if the company you are in will have any changes this year?

Put your hand up if you think it may be staff changes?

Put your hand up if you are capable of doing your own interviewing but would like to get your advert in front of the right people?

How would it make you feel to know that at CM Recruitment Ltd we offer a part recruitment service where we will help you write your advert and then post if for you on various job boards, social media and our own website!!

How good would it be that we put it under our name so that you don’t get lots of calls?

How good would you feel if you knew we could put a few questions out there to help filter the right people applying?

And how great would it be if you knew that we monitor the advert so we can tweak it to make sure you get the best response possible!!

Well guess what!!

We do all that!

It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a self-employed person., a part time person or a full time member of staff. You pay one fee for the writing and publishing of the advert as well the monitoring of it and we send all the CV’s straight to you!.

If you get two people from the advert, still one fee!

If you get 10 people from the advert. Still one fee!!

The fee is £375 plus VAT but what is even better is that we have a January sale!!!!

Could your day get any better!!!!

If you want an advert placed in January (The best time) then the sale price is £295 plus VAT

See what Daniel Hope from B1 Solutions said when he did an advert.

Chrissie and the team at CM recruitment provided us with an excellent service with an easy and unique approach that was cost effective, easy to understand and operate. We received a number of applications that matched our requirements are were able to select the right person for the role. I would highly recommend them as a recruitment company that put your needs, not there's first.

What did Zoe from Bizspace Say?

Worked with Chrissie and Helen closely from CM recruitment to find the perfect candidate for a full time administrator in one of our Leeds site for Bizspace Ltd.

The part time recruitment service worked perfectly, as we had the time to conduct the interviews but not the time to go out and look for the ideal candidate.

The majority of candidates that were successful for interview made a lasting impression, making our job harder but more satisfying as we got the best candidate for the role.

I would highly recommend CM recruitment to anyone looking for the right person for the right role. 5 star customer service all the way – Miss Zoe Wadsworth, Business & Meeting Room Manager; Bizspace Ltd.

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