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Recruitment agency's are a nightmare!!

Wouldn't it be nice to find a recruitment agency that actually does what they say and not only that, also tells you the tricks that recruitment agencies pull so that you don't fall for them?

We ran a workshop a while ago sharing the tricks that bad recruitment agencies pull and I wanted to share some comments with you....

Its amazing after nearly 15 years in the recruitment industry how I still hear the stories such as:

"I gave them a job spec and they sent about 20 CV's . None of them were suitable"

"I never even met anyone from the agency"

"Last time I used an agency they were really pushy when I didn't want to take the candidate on"

There are reasons for this but not good reasons. How can you trust anyone to find a person for your valuable business if they can't even be bothered to come and see you and learn about your company and your business needs?

Its about time agencies stopped treating you, your business and candidates like a business transaction and understood that they are dealing with people... you know things that have lives and live and breath and have feelings?

I have so much to say on this subject so if you want to know how to avoid wasting time and money on bad recruitment agencies give me a call.

Some of the comments from the work shop were.......

Michelle Poole Director Virtual Hand

"Having used a Recruitment Agency as the candidate Chrissie was spot on with the way they treat you and I really wished there’d been a C M Recruitment around when I was looking for employment.

The service and support that Chrissie and Helen give is second to none – she is passionate and intelligent on what is required and how to really get that perfect match between candidate and company. When I am in a position to recruit I know where I will be going. Great lessons on what an Agency should be doing for their clients."

Conor Simpson

“I found the C M Recruitment Workshop on the secrets to recruiting both informative and entertaining. Chrissie performed a series of amusing how not to and how best to interview role plays- this really highlighted their attention to detail when screening clients. The fundamental principles of smart appearance, manners and knowledge of the role were still there for all to see. This reinforced my view that Chrissie and Helen provide a thorough and professional service to their clients in the very first instance by being as hard to if not harder to impress than the client themselves.

Chrissie then went on to give some fascinating insights into malpractices and tricks that other recruitment companies can be guilty of and how to watch out for them.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable workshop, thanks Chrissie, you’re a STAR! (Situation, Task, Action, Result)”.

Nick Hill Director of "instrumental"

"Chrissie clearly has a grasp of what the necessary qualities and skills are required to make the use of a recruitment agency a benefit for a business. Her top tips were clear, concise and would restore faith in businesses who have maybe had a bad experience with agencies before.

Having worked in recruitment sales for 10 years I can certainly say, based on her seminar content, that your business and recruitment needs would be in safe, honest hands if you choose to use C M recruitment in the future."

Can you really afford not to ask for more information on this?

Give me a call 0113 887 3786 or email me

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