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Celebrating 7 years with a smile and a tear

So on Friday 22nd September (This Friday) we celebrate 7 years in business at CM Recruitment Ltd and what a journey it has been so far.....

At 9.30am on Friday I will take a moment to myself and remember the day I set this wonderful business up and will look back on the ups and downs the business has had.

On 22nd September 2010 after 2 years of Hell where I was made redundant 4 times and lost my home in a nasty divorce I turned into a very stubborn person who though " I have 9 years experience in recruitment and I don't like recruitment agencies as they run the business ticking boxes" I always felt uncomfortable with this as at the end of the day the business is dealing with people.

By 1pm that day Chrissie Metcalfe Recruitment Ltd was on Companies house and even though I had hardly any money I had a little for a website and some business cards. That's all I needed to set the world on fire. But what followed in the next few years were the most amazing ups and the most awful downs. Downs I could never have imagines in business.

After 18 months of working on my own at my dining room table I got my first office.

I have taken on staff that I shouldn't have done (I was too soft)

Businesses that have gone bust having a huge impact on my business causing me to think I was going to lose it all

Promises from a fellow business owner that landed me with £3000 to pay out when then dissapeared

An unjustified court case

and many many other issues.

On the plus side I have

Won some amazing contracts

Won and been runner up for over 8 awards

Have two amazing members of staff Helen and Anthony.

Finally moved in to the office I always wanted only took 5 moves!!

Have opened the hospitality side of the business

Changed the business name to CM Recruitment Ltd

Even have our own uniform now.

With so many more plans it is a very exciting time....

I have so many people to thank. My family for one. My mum and dad have always believed in me and my fiance RIchie is my rock, even when I doubted myself these amazing people stood by me and supported me in every way possible to keep my head on my shoulders and my feet on the ground.

I have wonderful friends who have kept me going (You know who you are) 2 of these friends are business coaches and have helped me stay level headed through the toughest of times. Andrew Miller and Phil Grundell.

I have the best accountant I could ever ask for. Thank you V Icky, Alex and Trevor from Solutions Accountancy

Helen who is my office manager has been by my side for over 3 years and her loyalty is amazing. Even thorough the bad times she had stood by my side and has always known that CM Recruitment Ltd would make it.

Anthony who is new to the business has jumped in at the deep end and what an amazing impact he has had on the hospitality side of the business.

We still look after office based roles and love every second of it.

We are having cupcakes and coffee on Wednesday (20th September) this week to celebrate so please feel free to come and join us between 1pm and 4pm.

All that is left to say is that I am grateful for all the downs as well as the ups as if the downs hadn't happened then I wouldn't be as strong as I am and each down teaches me something new.

The ups are amazing and sometimes I have to pinch myself when I look back on the last 7 years as what we have achieved is totally amazing, so just imagine what we will achieve and were we will be by this time next year!!

If you have a dream then go for it. Surround yourself with the right people and keep that belief in your head (no matter how much it is knocked)

Thank you to everyone that has supported CM Recruitment Ltd

I am truly blessed and grateful and from the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you to all the clients and candidates that have taken a chance on us and allowed us to show them how fantastic we are.

I am so so excited for the future of CM Recruitment Ltd and on Friday I am sure I will feel quite emotional when I re-live that day 7 years ago when I lost it all only to take my fear and turn it into the most amazing business I am privileged to own.

Thank you and Happy birthday CM recruitment Ltd


Managing Director/Owner

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