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We dont just find awesome event staff we staff your office too!!!

So CM recruitment Ltd is nearly 8 years old and I set up the business recruiting office staff in a commercial environment.

Over 2 years ago I was asked to help staff the Grand National in Aintree Racecourse with bar and waiting on staff.... read on to see what happened next.

My business has changed a lot and after building up the events side we are now well known for providing amazing staff to various venues across Yorkshire and the Northwest.

We are getting known more and more for the amazing bar and waiting on staff as well as Kitchen porters and Stewards with testimonials like

"First of all thank you - the team were incredible - they worked so hard, with professionalism and a huge smile on their faces and nothing was too much trouble. There were a number of occasions when quick decisions needed to be made and there was always people at hand to take instruction and deal efficiently with them. Having worked in the industry for over 20 years that is a very rare quality. They were so good it felt like I had worked with them for years not met them all for the first time that day. So huge credit goes to you and your team as well as huge thanks.

I really enjoyed working with them and I hope that they get the amazing feedback they deserve!!! Looking forward to working with you all again very soon”

Once again thank you"
Juliet xxx


“I have worked with CM throughout my final year at university and I can honestly say it's a superbly run organisation. The management understand the busy schedules of their employees whilst presenting countless opportunities to work in new and rewarding environments. The staff are approachable and reliable which makes for really pleasurable working relationships. Ant and Krissie particularly have been great throughout my tenure with the organisation and I will be genuinely sad to leave but I know they'll continue the important work they carry out across Yorkshire. CM are a perfect example of how a recruitment agency should be run and I believe they are miles ahead of companies that (try) to do similar work”

Ralph Turral

We are building the events side but we still do an awesome job with staffing offices with temp workers as well placing permanent office based staff.

I personally have 16 years experience in this kind of recruitment and the office staffing side of the business is very much as strong as the event staffing side.

If you are looking for a member of staff to cover holidays or you need someone who can strengthen you existing team and help expand/grow your business then you need to give me a call.

Whether it is for a days work or a permanent role we face to face interview every member of staff as well as check their ID to make sure they are legal to work in the UK.

We don't just match the skill, or a buzz word from the job spec to a candidates CV, we actually come and see you to make sure we match the personality of the person to the company they may end up working for because as we all know, you could get the best person in the world but if they don't fit with the team then it it nothing but a disaster!!

We can cater for all budgets so all you need to do is give us a call to find out how we can support you.

Don't be scared of us because we are a recruitment agency, we really are different.

Give us a call on 0113 887 3786 and we can guide you through the next step of growing your business, then if you want to work with us then great!! if not then it would be a pleasure learning all about your business and I may be able to point you in another direction to help with what you want to achieve!!.

Cant wait to hear from you

Chrissie :0)

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